What made the smartphone cool? Top 5 reasons

Modern smartphone technologies are so rich in their own right that they can be called their own separate entities. And a good user will be able to pick up on each of them specific advantages. We will talk about the most important of these, so that their advantages are obvious.Smartphone features are increasingly combining analogs with digital equivalents, which allows for a more detailed and rich experience. It is quite possible for the user to pick up on subtle differences in the ratio of the OS. The amount of RAM, installed, and built-in memory is also different. It is always possible to change the OS, but it is much easier to change the ratio of the components. This is especially true for the first time for owners of smartphones like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20.The rest of the phone's hardware is also quite good, since today's smartphones are the best equipped to handle modern games with high graphics and smooth operation.The advantages of the device are also seen in the camera. Of course, it is not usually observed, but as practice shows, when shooting in good weather, it is more pleasant to take pictures in an average environment. The smartphone also has a great screen and a good processor, which will allow you to work without any unnecessary complaints.What was it like before?The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 are both released in 2020. And now the Galaxy S20 stands out among other smartphones of the same price category by a number of things. For its affordable price, there are no problems with the camera, the quality of which does not cause any doubts. The manufacturer does not claim to be one of the best, but it can boast of one of the best photos in the series. The front-end camera does not cause any doubts either. The smartphone is equipped with excellent lenses, so that the user can get excellent photos in any conditions. The video quality is quite good, and at the same time supports the use of a 4-core processor in tandem with 8 GB of RAM. The Galaxy S20 is a completely different story. Let's talk about the advantages of this model.Battery. The battery capacity is 5000 mAh, which is quite good for a budget device. If you hold it in your hands, then the Galaxy S10 will charge in about 20 minutes. And the new model will charge between 40 and 50% in an hour. In addition, there is a wireless wireless charging station.The camera. The main module is 13 MP. Considering the cost of the smartphone, this is a very good indicator. And in the mobile photography mode, you can achieve excellent shots. The 8 MP front camera is the same. And the 5 MP selfie camera is not far behind.NFC. There is also no information about the contactless payment feature. Maybe it was omitted. But still, the Galaxy S20 is one of